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Bethany is a recording artist that is Autistic. She has performed at many different venues and events. She can sing and perform any style of music! Besides her own original music that she is now starting to go out and sing at venues and events; she can sing and perform Top 40 Hits, Pop Music, Country Music, Christian Contemporary Music, Gospel Music, Broadway Hits, and The National Anthem. Bethany has been asked to sing the National Anthem at numerous events for some of her favorite organizations local chapters and area locations such as; Autism Speaks, Relay For Life, and a new passion for her and her staff is the DSIAM organization and the St. Jude Kids at St. Jude Hospital in which she plans to visit very soon!
After years of struggling through school and life, Bethany was diagnosed with Autism in high school. She strives to be an encouragement to everyone and a positive role model for people with disabilities. Bethany hopes to encourage them to believe in themselves because anything is possible, if you just believe!


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